Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trudging Along…..

Week #1 complete… that is week#1 of my estimated 4-6 week recovery, so only 3-5 weeks to go.  I must say it kinda stinks being injured.  I was able to bike twice last week on the stationary bike, but it just does not give me the same feeling as running or Crossfit workouts.  However, I trudge along.

I am still completely cheat free for the Paleo Challenge.  I think my injury has made it easier to follow the diet.  My husband and I went out to eat once this weekend, and I was able to order a grass-fed burger, no bun, and a side salad.  Also, I traveled for work this past Wednesday and Thursday, but stopped at the grocery store and loaded up on healthy Paleo eats.  I also am not allowed to drink alcohol while on the prescription steroids for my foot, so no wine or beer.  Boo!  I was really looking forward to that one glass of red wine per night treat allowed per the challenge rules.

I decided to make a list of the top 5 worst things and 5 best things about having a stress fracture.  Here they are.
My lovely crutches!

The 5 Worst Things about Having a Stress Fracture:

  1. Trying to “limp run” to answer my phone when I left it upstairs
  2. Having a black shoe I have to wear with every outfit.  I have a really cute brown sweater I wanted to wear this weekend!
  3. Admiring all the happy people running – Honestly, it seems everyone smiles when they are running – Did I not notice this before or is my mind playing tricks on me and they are really not smiling?
  4. Being called “Peg Leg” by Coworkers
  5. My husband threatening to take my picture on the seated grocery scooter – I decided I would use my crutches instead.

     The 5 Best Things about Having a Stress Fracture

  1.  Not feeling lazy for sitting around all day reading endless Paleo blogs.
  2.  Seated Dishwashing – You should try it!
  3.  All the magazines I can read while on the Stationary bike
  4. My husband’s willingness to wait on me and help with the household chores
  5.  The fact that this injury is temporary and as long as I follow the doctor’s orders and stay off my foot, I will get better and be back to running and Crossfitting in no time!
~ Savannah FitNut aka Morgan McNeal

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