Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I went to the doctor yesterday and great news, no more ugly boot!!  Woohoooo!  He gave me the okay to walk as much as I want, but has to be in sneakers (fine with me!!).  Doctor said it is healing properly, but no jogging for another two weeks.  I can handle no jogging for another two weeks, at least I can walk!  Wait, who is that talking?  I am okay with NOT running for another two weeks?!?!  Haha, it is funny how things change.  It is probably going to feel really weird when I start running again.  I will keep you posted.

Now onto the food part.  I decided to make golden cauliflower soup on Sunday, borrowed from an awesome website: http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/.  It was pretty easy, not too many ingredients, BUT after I was finished making it, I tasted it and thought it was pretty gross!  I even threw the recipe away thinking I would never make it again. Here is the conversation I had with my husband regarding the soup via email: 

Hubby: “That soup is delicious!”
Me: “Really, you like the soup??  I had a little taste last night and I didn't really like it, haha.  I decided I would not make it again, but if you like it, that's good.”
Hubby:  “You didn't like it?  Hmm.  I thought it was great.”
Me: “Maybe the soup got better after it sat awhile and the flavors melded.  We are talking about the cauliflower soup, right?!”
Hubby: “I think that's the soup we are talking about.  Has carrots and stuff?”
Me: “Haha, yes, the soup with the carrots and stuff.”

Verdict:  After I tasted the soup today,  it is good and I recommend making it.  However, may need to let it sit for a day before it is truly yummy!
Ingredients for Cauliflower Soup

Golden Cauliflower Soup
1 large head cauliflower (about 3 pounds)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 medium onion, diced (about 1 cup)
2 large carrots, diced (about 2 cups)
2 cloves garlic, smashed
2 cups beef broth
1 cup water
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/2 cup coconut milk

  1. Wash and core the cauliflower, then coarsely chop. Set aside.
  2. Heat a large, deep pot over medium-high heat, then add the coconut oil. When the oil is melted, add onions, carrots, and garlic. Stir with a wooden spoon and cook until they’re soft and golden, about 5 minutes. Add the chopped cauliflower and cook until beginning to brown, about 5 minutes.
  3.  Add the broth and water, then bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer and cook, covered, until the vegetables are very tender, about 45 minutes.
  4. Working in batches, carefully transfer the cauliflower and some of the broth to a blender or food processor. Cover the top with a dish towel to protect yourself from splatters, and purée the cauliflower until smooth, adding more broth as necessary.
  5. Pour the purée back into the soup pot, then add the salt, pepper, and coconut milk. Stir to combine and cook over medium until heated through.
  6. Let it sit for a day and all the flavors will meld!  Yum, yum!!          

~ Savannah FitNut aka Morgan McNeal

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