Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pretty Much Healed

First, I apologize for slacking.  I have not had a post in 11 days!  However, I have a good excuse; well I think it is a good excuse.  I was in Houston all last week for a conference.  Classes were during the day, dinner with coworkers at night, and very little time to do anything else.  I did, however, get to visit Crossfit Roughnecks (  It was a nice box and everyone was super welcoming.  Because I am still babying the foot, I did do some modifications on the exercises.  It felt good though to get back to it.  I always enjoy visiting a new box.  There are so many amazing athletes all over the country and I am always in awe of their stamina and abilities.

Update on the foot:  It has been about a week and a half since my last doctor’s appointment.  I did quite a bit of walking in Houston and have been doing more CF workouts now that I am home.  Foot feels okay, does not hurt, it just feels weird.  I am going to wait until Monday to run and I am crossing my fingers it will feel fine.

Update on the Paleo Challenge:  The challenge ends this Sunday.  I only cheated twice in regards to eating, but because I was not able to work out very much, I did not think anything would have changed.  I was going to be happy if my measurements stayed the same and nothing got bigger, especially my butt since I have been sitting on it a lot.  WELL, to my surprise, I was measured again this morning and I lost 7.75” overall!!  I cannot believe that… maybe I should just stop working out.  Haha, just kidding.

Seriously though, for a fitness freak such as myself, who thought an hour a day spent working out was not enough, this comes as a huge shock and definitely changes my thinking regarding exercise.  This reaffirms the way your body looks is 80% dependent upon your diet and 20% upon your exercise routine.  Food is a crucial component to living a healthy life.  Regardless of how many miles you run, pounds you lift, or meters you swim, if you have a poor diet, your body will most likely not look the way you want it to look. 

Where do I go from here?  With the challenge over, what things will stay the same and what will revert back to my old ways?  Here is a list of 5 things I will carry on post-challenge.

5 Things to carry on Post-Challenge:
  1. No Bread (or very little) – Basically only when the husband makes his homemade Italian bread.
  2. Lots of Vegetables – It is fun going to the farmer’s market and trying out new vegetables I may not cook with often
  3. No Processed Foods in the house – No need to explain
  4. Searching for new recipes daily – This has been a lot of fun finding delicious recipes with wholesome ingredients
  5. Minimal eating out – My food tastes better anyway!

~ Savannah FitNut aka Morgan McNeal

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